SCOLD: Secure Collective Defense Project

This project is formerly named as SCID: Secure Collective Internet Defense. 


The goal of the project is to investigate techniques for enhancing Internet security and protecting the Internet Infrastructure through collective defense. The current DDoS tools can gather massive compromised network nodes for a collective attack. This project seeks to develop equivalent collective defense mechanisms in Internet to guard against the intrusions and collective attacks. The collective defense mechanisms will involve the structure and procedures for multi-organization corporation, the design of new Internet protocols with security in mind, the design of systems and protocols for intrusion prevention, detection, handling, tolerance, and the design of secure protocols for exchanging defense information and for coordinating defenses.

Current Focus:

The current focus of the project is to explore the use of alternate gateways and a collection of proxy servers for intrusion tolerance and implements IDIP for intrusion push back. It also involved with modify Bind9/secure DNS update with new kind of indirect route entries.



Related Resources:


Paper for sever selection algorithms:



This project is currently supported by a grant from NISSC.