Detailed Academic Vita

Sudhanshu K. Semwal

Professor of Computer Science
Department of Computer Science
University of Colorado
Colorado Springs, CO, USA, 80933-7150
Phone: (719) 262-3545
Fax: (719) 262-3369


Computer Graphics, 3D Games, Computer-Human Interaction, Wearable Computing, Virtual Reality, Human Animation and Avatars, Volume Rendering and Visualization, Realistic Images, Ray Tracing, Computational Geometry.

Computer Science Nominee for EAS Best Teacher Award 2004

Richard Doyle PhD thesis

Updated => Kip Knight's PhD

Kip Knight's PhD

Semwal Research Presentation.

Semwal's Presentation for TAIPEI

Details of Games and Media Integration (GMI) ME Program (Chancellor approves the Program --- May 2007)

Semwal's Presentation for Denver

Semwal's Slide for HMTR 2006 conference

CS 677 VR and HCI (Spring 2007) Course Syllabus

CS 480/580 Introduction to Computer Graphics (Spring 2007) Course Syllabus

GMI Student Survey

Results: GMI Student Survey

Games and Media Integration Lab


Maya animations etc

Movie II

Movie 2006

Salsa dance movie

Brakdance movie

IASTED 2006 Paper One

IASTED 2006 Paper One movie1

IASTED 2006 Paper One movie2

IASTED 2006 Paper One movie3

BioMed 2006 Paper

BioMed 2006 Paper Image1

BioMed 2006 Paper Image2

IASTED 2006 Paper Two

IASTED 2006 Paper Two Image 1

IASTED 2006 Paper Image 2

IASTED 2006 Paper Image3

IASTED 2006 Paper Image4

OpenGL Tutorial (no code available)

Computer Graphics and VR at UCCS.
Wearable Computing