Graphics and VR at UCCS

Sudhanshu Kumar Semwal

Professor, Department of Computer Science

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs


Phone: (719)262-3545

Fax: (719)262-0369


Vision: Pursue Computer Graphics, Human Computer Interaction, VR, and Wearable Computing research leading to effective solution of fundamental research issues relevant to International Community and Southern Colorado region.


Objective: Provide an environment to conduct research in the above areas encouraging interaction among BS, MS and PhD students with professors, researchers and industrial partners


Specific Areas: Graphics, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Animation, Visualization, Biological Computation, Complex Systems, Human Interaction.


Application Areas: Personal Security, K-12 Education, Biological based Computation, Medical Applications, Disability, Virtual Humans, Facial Expression generation, Human-Human Communication with Agents, sense of touch applications, sense of smell applications, distributed virtual environments, and many others (Contact Dr. Semwal for more).


Courses: Introduction to Computer Graphics (CS480/580); Animation and Visuzalition (CS577); Human Computer Interaction and Virtual Reality (CS677); Wearable Computing and Complex Systems (CS579); Geometric Modeling (CS576); Advanced Computer Graphics (CS581); and Computational Geomertry (CS575).


Equipment: Silicon Graphics Machines (SGI-O2); PHANToM force feedback device for sense of touch experiments, NOMAD glasses for augmented reality work; Crystal Eyes Ultrasound trackers; and magnetic trackers, several PCs with Linux and Windows.


Affiliations (past and present): Advanced Telecommunication and Research (ATR) Lab; Intel ($10,000) grant for magnetic trackers; Colorado Springs School of Deaf and Blind; Olympic Training Center; HealthSouth Plaza;  Colorado School of Mines; Center of Human Simulation, Denver. 


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