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Course No.: CS 522 Instructor: C. Edward Chow
Class Time: MW 4:30-5:45 pm Office Address: ENS 186
Class Room: EN 105 Office Hour:

MW: 1:30-2pm 4-4:30pm T:9-10am

Office Phone: 262-3110 Email / IM: chow@cs.uccs.edu / MS Messenger
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We have setup 6 CS Unix Machines: blanca, crestone, sanluis, shavano, wetterhorn, redcloud for your homework exercises. You can remote login there to carry out those exercises. Your CS Unix account is different from that of UCCS Computing Service Account. The login for the CS Unix server is first initial, second initial, last name (up to a total of eight characters). For new accout, it is the same as your campus UFP account. The new password will be set to the last four digits of your SID repeated twice. Please login and use yppasswd to change it. Check your account by remote login with SSH clients and see if your password is valid. If not, email Jim Martin, jlmartin@eas.uccs.edu, our system admin to reset your password.

Once we get the offiical email list of the class, our system administrator will set up Microsoft E-Academy account for you to download MS VPC2004, VS2005, WinXP, Win2003 Server, and other related software package from Microsoft for academic and class exercises. You can set up VPC 2004 on a notebook or external hard drive. You can also install the OS' and related software package your self. Contact me if you are interested in download, install, and configuration virtual machines.

If you use Windows system at home, try to use free SSH Secure Shelll software package with SSH Secure Shell Client,/Secure File Transfer Client, from http://www.ssh.org/support/downloads/secureshellwks/non-commercial.html, to login to CS Unix machines. It is secure since the password is not transmitted as clear text and all data are encrytped.
You can also setup xterm over ssh http://www.linuks.mine.nu/windows/sshx.html

For the queueing and network modeling/simulation topics, we will use the industry strength tools such as IT guru and Modeler donated by Opnet to enhance the students' learning.


Table 1: CS522 Computer Communications Tentative Schedule

Date Ch Topics Assignment
M 8/21 1 Introduction, OSI/ISO model TCP/IP reference models Tanenbaum Chapter1 viewgraph; HW#1 due 8/28
M 8/28 5.6 Ethereal as a learning tool for comparing FTP and SFTP sessions, PC Network Setup (Section 5.6 Net Layer in Internet);  
W 9/6 H* Day 9/4-5 No class; Class resume Wednesday 9/6.;Protocol Engineering: Protocol Specification and Verification; HW#2 due 9/13
M 9/11 H* reachability analysis (ppt)  
M 9/18 H* Protocol Implementation; Socket API HW#3 due 9/27
M 9/25 2 Chapter2 Physical Layer: Digital Transmission, Modulation; Multiplexing; Switching HW#4 due 10/4
M 10/2 3 Data Link Layer: Coding Error Detecting and Correction  
M 10/9   Midterm Review; Online Midterm Wednesday 10/11  
M 10/16 3 Sliding Window/ARQ; Datalink Control HW#5 due 10/25
M 10/23 4 Medium Access Control HW#6 due 11/1
M 10/30 4 Network Layer: 802LAN Standards: Wirelesss LAN; HW#7 due 11/8
M 11/6 4 VLAN; LAN Bridging HW#8 due 11/15
M 11/13 5 Routing  
M 11/20 5 11/22-26 Thanksgiving Holiday; Monday 11/20 we have class; QoS; OSPF/BGP/Mobile IP/IPv6  
M 11/27 6 TCP project viewgraph due 12/2
M 12/4 X Semester Project Presentations project report due 12/10
W 12/13 X Wednesday 12/13 Final Exam 4:30-7pm; Open book; open note, bring calculator

H*: Online material

Disability Service:

If you have a disability for which you are requesting an accommodation, you are encouraged to contact the Disability Services Office within the first week of classes. The Disability Services Office is located in Main Hall #105. (Phone # is 262-3354.)