Xiaobo "Charles" Zhou

Professor, Interim Dean
Collegel of Engineering and Applied Sciences
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
CO 80918, USA

Dr. Zhou, Professor of Computer Science, serves as the Interim Dean of College of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. He served as the Chair of Department of Computer Science from 2011 to 2016. He directs Distributed, Sustainable, and Cloud Computing Systems (DISCO) Lab. His research lies broadly in computer network systems, more specifically, datacenter cloud computing, BigData parallel and distributed processing, autonomic and sustainable computing, scalable Internet services and architectures, and computer networks. His research was supported in part by US National Science Foundation (NSF). He was a recipient of NSF CAREER Award 2009, and the University Faculty Award for Excellence in Research 2011.

Dr. Zhou served as a Program CoChair of the IEEE/ACM CCGrid 2015 and IEEE ICCCN 2011, a General CoChair of the IEEE ICCCN 2014 and IEEE ICCCN 2012, a Program Vice Chair of IEEE/ACM CCGrid 2014, IEEE GLOBECOM 2010, ICCCN 2009, HPCC 2008, and IEEE/IFIP EUC 2008, and the workshop general chair of the IEEE ICCCN 2007 and IFIP EUC 2006. He served ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems, Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, Computer Communications, Journal of Network and Computer Applications as a guest editor or associate editor. He is senior member of the IEEE.

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  • Congratulations! PhD 2016 Graduate Dazhao Cheng joined the University of North Carolina at Charlotte as an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department.
  • Congratulations! PhD 2016 Graduate Jason UpChurch joined a USAFA Lab as the Principle Investigator.
  • Congratulations! PhD 2015 Graduate Yanfei Guo joined the Argonne National Lab as a Postdoc (now Assistant Scientist).
  • Congratulations! PhD 2014 Graduate Dennis Ippoliti joined Microsoft as a Project Manager.
  • Congratulations! PhD 2013 Graudate Sireesha Muppala joined Amazon.
  • Congratulations! PhD 2013 Graduate Palden Lama joined the University of Texas at San Antonio as an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department.

  • Interests

    Dr. Zhou's professional goal is to be an outstanding educator and researcher, excellent in scholarship, investigation, and innovation, contributing to the fast-developing computer and information technology. He is committed to high-quality education and research that lead to the discovery, advancement, and application of knowledge. His research interests are primarily in
    • Datacenters Cloud Computing
    • BigData Parallel and Distributed Processing
    • Autonomic and Sustainable Computing
    • Scalable Internet Services and Architectures
    • Computer Networks

    Awards and Honors

    • The Outstanding Leadership Award, IEEE/ACM CCgrid, 2015
    • The Outstanding Leadership Award, IEEE ICCCN, 2014
    • The Best Paper Award, USENIX ICAC, 2013
    • The Best Paper Finalist, IEEE HPCA, 2013
    • Excellent Leadership Program Fellow, UCCS, 2012
    • The Marshall of the Commencement, UCCS, Winter 2011
    • The University Faculty Award for Excellence in Research, UCCS, 2011
    • CAREER Award, National Science Foundation, 2009
    • The Outstanding Teacher of the Year, EAS College, 2008
    • Research and Creative Work Award, UCCS, 2007
    • The Outstanding Leadership Award, IEEE ICCCN, 2007
    • The Outstanding Researcher of the Year, EAS College, 2005
    • Research and Creative Work Award, UCCS, 2005


    Teaching at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
    • CS 6220, Distributed Networks: Spring'04
    • CS 5510, Distributed Systems: Spring'11, Spring'08, Spring'05
    • CS 5220, Computer Communications: Fall'14, Fall'13, Fall'12, Fall'11, Fall'10, Fall'09, Fall'08, Fall'07, Fall'05
    • CS 4500/5500, Operating Systems: Fall'06
    • CS 4220, Computer Networks: Summer'11, Summer'09, Fall'08, Fall'08,Spring'06, Summer'05
    • CS 4200/5200, Computer Architecture: Spring'12, Spring'11, Spring'09, Spring'08, Spring'07, Fall'06, Spring'06, Fall'05, Spring'05, Fall'04, Spring'04, Fall'03
    • CS 1150, Principles of Computer Science: Fall'09, Fall'07, Summer'07


    Postal Mail Deprtment of Computer Science
    1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway
    Colorado Springs, CO 80918
    Phone: (719) 255 3493(Office)
    Email: xzhou at uccs.edu Fax: (719) 255 3369