Study of Social Networks

Social networks such as MySpace, Facebook and lately Twitter have become extremely popular with tens or hundreds of millions of people opening accounts and using their accounts to communicate with various purposes and goals in mind.

Prior Work

A current MS student, Beaux Sharifi, has been studying Twitter microblogs and has developed algorithms for summarizing microblogs. An REU student from Fall 2009-Spring 2010, Mark-Anthony Hutton worked closely with Beaux . We were pleased to have two publications out of Beaux and Mark-Anthony's work: NWDAA '10 held at Tezpur, Assam, India and NAACL-HLT '10 to be held in LA in June. We also work with Prof Carmen Stavrositu in Communication whose specialty is study of social media like blogs and microblogs.

Future Work

There are many ways we want to extend our current work on the study of social networks. Here are some ideas.