Here are the projects

We want each REU student and the PI/Co-PI to a select specific project to work on during the next couple of months. We expect each REU student to work on a project alone, although it's possible that some small teams that work well together will emerge. We will develop a project specifically for each of the REU students such that it is something you are interested in, we are interested in, and that can be carried out within two months. We know you are undergraduates, but we know that you are ones that push yourselves!

Projects are from the areas of ontology alignment, wikipedia mining, named entity recognition, Indic language computational linguistics, facial database building (Dr. Boult) and automated identification of Web-based content (Dr. Boult).

Depending on shared interests of the professors and the students, we will be able to conduct research in other related areas as well. By the end of Summer 2010, we expect each REU student to produce a paper that can be submitted to a reputed conference.