2017 Summer Interns

Here is the proceedings document containing all the papers.

  • Sridhama Prakhya, BML Munjal University, Gurgaon, India: Open-Set Deep Learning for Text Classification
  • Derek Prijatelj, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA: Survey of Simple Neural Networks in Semantic Textual Similarity Analysis
  • Christopher Towne, New College of Florida, FL: Computing Semantic Roles Using ANNs with External Memory
  • Adly Templeton, Williams College, MA: Vector Properties of Good Summaries
  • Ryan Griebenow, University of Colorado Colorado Springs, CO: Image Splicing Detection
  • Seyed Masoumzadeh, University of Colorado Colorado Springs, Learning to Detect and Classify Forgeries of Digital Images in Open-Set Recognition
  • Harriet Small, Brown University, RI: Handling Unbalanced Data in Deep Image Segmentation
  • Kyle Yee, Swarthmore College, PA: Localizing Fluorescent Proteins Using Super-Resolution Neural Networks
  • Adia Meyers, Clayton State University, GA: Determining Gaussian Edge Potentials with Deep Encoders
  • Diptodip Deb, Georgia Institute of Technology, GA: Learning perspective-free counting via dilated convolutions