2011 Summer Interns: Final REU papers will be linked when available.

Schedule of Activities for Summer 2011

Schedule of Activities for Summer 2011
Date Day Activity
Pre-program   Papers to read, tentative project selection
June 2-3 Thursday-Friday Arrival, employment paper work at Student Employment
June 4 Saturday Attendance at yearly dance recital of Natyasangam, an Indian classical dance school; Dinner at BJ's afterwards.
June 5 Sunday Hike at Garden of the Gods, lunch afterwards in the hill town of Manitou Springs.
June 6 Monday First day of the REU program; Introduction at 9 AM; Pizza Mixture at 4:30 PM
June 7 Tuesday 3:30-4:30 PM: IT infrastructure including clustes available to REU students (Sean Staples)
June 8 Wednesday 9:15-10 AM: Group Meeting; 3:30-4:30 PM: Introduction to Natural Language Processing (Jugal Kalita)
June 9 Thursday 3:30 - 4:30 PM: Research Process, Science, It Works! (Ryan Freckleton)
June 10 Friday 9:15-10:00 AM: Group Meeting
June 11 Saturday 6-10 PM: Berbecue at Kalita's
June 13 Monday 3:30-4:30 PM: Introduction to Machine Learning (Brian Parks
June 15 Wednesday 4-5 PM: Phases in Natural Language Processing (Kalita)
June 17 Friday 2-4:45 PM: Proposal Presentations; 2-3 page proposal papers due
June 18 Saturday 3 AM - 6 PM: Conquering Pikes Peak, the most famous mountain in the Continental United States, the First Fourteener of the Summer!
June 21 Tuesday 4-5 PM: Natural Language Processing (Kalita)
June 25 Friday 4-5 PM: Supervised Learning (Kalita)
June 27 Monday 4-5 PM: Status Meeting
June 28 Tuesday 4-5 PM: Machine Learning (Kalita)
June 30 Thursday 4-5 PM: Haskelll Tutorial (Sujay Jayakar)
July 1 Friday 4-5PM: Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks (Andrew Bates)
July 4 Monday 2-10 PM: Berbecue at Daryl Woodward's
July 5 Tuesday 4:15-5PM: Status Meeting
July 6 Wednesday 4-5 PM: Naive Bayes Classifier
July 8 Friday 4-5 PM: Naive Bayes Classifier (continued)
July 10 Sunday 9 AM-6 PM: Hiking around Rampart Reservoir, 13.5 miles!
July 13 Wednedsay 2 PM-5PM: Midterm presentations; 4-5 page midterm papers due
July 15 Friday 3:45 PM-4:15 PM: Visit with Chancellor Pamela Shockley-Zalabak; 4:15-4:30: Beth Griswold midterm presentation
July 21 Thursday 4-5 PM: Clustering (Kalita)
July 23 Saturday 2 AM-4PM: Conquering the Second Fourteener of the Summer, Huron Peak!!
July 25 Monday 9:30 AM: Status Meeting
July 26 Tuesday 4-5 PM: Hidden Markov Models (Kalita)
July 29-30 Friday-Saturday 10 PM-4 PM: Conquering the Third Fourteener, Long's Peak!!!
July 31 Sunday 6PM: Dinner at Caspian Cafe
August 2 Tuesday Draft of final papers due
August 5 Friday 9:30 AM-4:15 PM: Final Presentations, 8-10 page final papers due; Get-together at Kalita's
August 6-7 Saturday-Sunday Departure
Post-program   Writing papers for submission to conferences and journals!