REU Site for Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) has funding from the National Science Foundation for an REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) for Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval. The notification for the funding came in early summer of 2009.

UCCS is a predominantly undergraduate institution with strong emphasis on undergraduate participation in research. As of Spring 2011, UCCS enrolls 9000 students of which 6200 are undergraduates. UCCS has been ranked as a top Western university every year since 2002 by US News and World Report. US News and World Report has ranked the College of Engineering at UCCS as one of the best Masters level engineering colleges in the country.

Colorado Springs is a beautiful city, only miles from the famed Pikes Peak sitting atop the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. There are many things to do outdoors as well as it has a decent city life. It's a city with about 500,000 people in the metropolitan area.

The objective of the REU site is to expose bright and motivated undergraduates who want to pursue advanced careers in Computer Science, Computer Engineering and related fields to work on hands-on research projects in AI, NLP, Computer Vision, Information Retrieval and related areas. Although the research activities will be mostly performed at UCCS, we will work in close collaboration with our industry partner, The MITRE Corporation. Our contact at MITRE is Dr. Suzette Stoutenburg, a Principal Scientist. Suzette completed her Ph.D. in 2009 working under the supervision of Dr. Kalita. Her dissertation was on the topic of ontology alignment.

2009 REU Program: Students and Projects

2010 REU Program: Students and Projects

2011 REU Program: Students and Projects

2011 REU Program

The 2011 REU program will be held between the 6th of June and the 5th of August (the dates are tentative at this time, but will be firmed up soon). Students are requested to arrive on the Thursday (June 2nd) or Friday (June 3rd) prior to the start date. This will enable you to do the paper work necessary to get paid and also to know the environment a bit. If you arrive on June 3rd, make sure you have time for paper work in the afternoon. We will make arrangement to pick you up at the airport in Colorado Springs if you want. The students can leave during the weekend following the finish date. You can contact our Grants Administrator Patricia Rea as soon as possible after you have been selected, for travel arrangements.