Internet Message Formats

Here are related Message Format Structure  information:
We will use a HTTP request message captured using Ethereal package to give examples of the fields and their values.
It is the frame 11 in

Ethereal provides pretty good explanation of each fields in the protocol message.  It is available at

This is a HTTP request message generated  by typing "" on a browser on
Wait  is a Dell machine with one of its NIC (network inteface card) configured with the IP address of and it is on subnet 128.198.192/21.
The NIC card's burn in Ethernet address or MAC address is 00:a0:24:56:9c:33. (hexadecimal representation).
The browser application has a socket connection with port number=1089.
Note that this ethernet frame will be received by the router,
00:50:80:d1:36:00 ( with IP address , which will look up its routing table to route the IP packet to the machine.


        Ethernet Frame Format: