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mq_close - close a message queue (REALTIME)


#include <mqueue.h>

int mq_close(mqd_t mqdes);


The mq_close() function removes the association between the message queue descriptor, mqdes, and its message queue. The results of using this message queue descriptor after successful return from this mq_close(), and until the return of this message queue descriptor from a subsequent mq_open(), are undefined.

If the process has successfully attached a notification request to the message queue via this mqdes, this attachment will be removed, and the message queue is available for another process to attach for notification.


Upon successful completion, the mq_close() function returns a value of zero; otherwise, the function returns a value of -1 and sets errno to indicate the error.


The mq_close() function will fail if:
The mqdes argument is not a valid message queue descriptor.
The function mq_close() is not supported by this implementation.






mq_open(), mq_unlink(), <mqueue.h>, msgctl(), msgget(), msgrcv(), msgsnd().


Derived from the POSIX Realtime Extension (1003.1b-1993/1003.1i-1995)

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