RTLinux -- Realtime Facilities for Linux


       WARNING:  This API is for compatibility of old applications.
                 You are encouraged to migrate your programs to the new
                 POSIX-based API, available in RTLinux v2.0 and above.

       #define MODULE
       #include <linux/module.h>
       #include <linux/kernel.h>
       #include <linux/version.h>
       #include <linux/errno.h>
       #include <linux/rtf.h>

       int free_RTirq(unsigned int irq);

       int request_RTirq(unsigned int irq, void (*handler)(void));

       int rt_get_time(void);

       int rt_task_delete(RT_TASK *task);

       int rt_task_init(RT_TASK *task, void (*fn)(int data), int data, int stack_size, int priority);

       int rt_task_make_periodic(RT_TASK *task, RTIME start_time, RTIME period);

       int rt_task_suspend(RT_TASK *task);

       int rt_task_wait(void); 

       int rt_task_wakeup(RT_TASK *task);

       int rt_use_fp(int allow);

       int rtf_create(unsigned int fifo, int size);

       int rtf_create_handler(unsigned int fifo, int (* handler)(unsigned int fifo));

       int rtf_destroy(unsigned int fifo);

       int rtf_get(unsigned int fifo, char *buf, int count);

       int rtf_put(unsigned int fifo, char *buf, int count);

       int rtf_resize(unsigned int fifo, int size);


Realtime Linux adds real-time capabilities to the Linux operating system. See www.rtlinux.org for details of its design and use.


free_RTirq(2), request_RTirq(2), rt_get_time(2), rt_task_delete(2), rt_task_make_periodic(2), rt_task_suspend(2), rt_task_wait(2), rt_task_wakeup(2), rt_use_fp(2), rtf_create(2), rtf_create_handler(2), rtf_destroy(2), rtf_get(2), rtf_put(2), rtf_resize(2)

1997 Jerry Epplin.

Modifications for RTLinux 2.x and 3.x by Michael Barabanov. 2001 FSMLabs Inc.

All rights reserved.