rt_get_time (V1 compat)


rt_get_time -- get time in ticks


       #include <rtl_time.h>

       hrtime_t  gethrtime(void);


Warning: V1 compatibility only. For new programs, please see gethrtime(3), clock_gethrtime(3). rt_get_time returns the time in clock ticks since the system bootup. This time is never reset or adjusted. For some horrible reason, hrtime has a differrent meaning when the V1 compat config option is selected. This is a BUG!

The RT_TIME_END symbol represents the maximum possible value that rt_get_time() could possibly return. This value will be never reached during the execution of the system, and can be used to designate the infinitely distant moment in time.


"Clock ticks" are PC 8254 timer ticks (1/1193180s). This function is part of the RTLinux v1 compatability API. Use in new applications is not encouraged.


Michael Barabanov and Victor Yodaiken (support@fsmlabs.com)

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